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Capital Health Centre of Traditional Chinese Medicine Current Events in Canberra

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 World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS), an  international organization of TCM, is approved by the State  Council of the P.R.C. and registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs,  with its headquarter in Beijing. At present, there are 251 member  societies from 67 countries and regions. 

 Among its objectives are to be devoted itself to promoting the  understanding and cooperation among the academic groups of  Chinese Medicine all over the world, protecting and developing  Chinese Medicine, and promoting the exchange and cooperation  among Chinese Medicine and other Medicines in the world. 

 We at Healthway Developments Pty Ltd are passionate in  promoting and spreading awareness about Traditional Chinese  Medicine too, and thus being in line with WFCMS’s objectives, we  are proud to promote some treatment + tourism packages. The  next tour starts on 22 September 2017. 

 If you are interested in this one or future tours, please contact us!   

Culture groups

These groups are a new initiative of Capital Health Centre of Traditional Chinese medicine.  Our aim is to encourage the community to learn more about health and themselves.  A healthy individual promotes a healthy community.
Mind/Body Exercise Club: Move it or lose it!
In this club we encourage participation in gentle exercise for both the body and the mind. Most of our initial interest will come from our Tai Chi class members who have been practicing Tai Chi for some time. Other forms of exercise will be explored such as Qi Gong, meditation, and other forms of traditional exercise. With reference to age, mobility constitution, individual and seasonal health we will be encouraged to find our own way to improve our health. The group will meet under the supervision of Haisong, Dr Wu and Neal Harvey with other reputable speakers/masters contributing as they are able.

Diet and Healthcare: You are what you eat.
Knowledge about food and the preparation of food will be explored with participants encouraged to be active in the exploration of their own dietary history as well as in sharing common knowledge from their family history. Aspects of diets as consumed by members can be explored for their value to others. This is a safe and group-wisdom space to discover what the world of food as experienced by others can do for individual health. Here we can also discover the benefits of food for the prevention of health conditions. Harvey has a wealth of experience to share and will be exploring how diet influences health.

Chinese Tea: The art of a good cuppa.
Tea has been consumed for many, many years with most of us not knowing its origins. In this club, we will explore the origin of the humble cuppa, look at the journey it takes to reach our pots and taste the difference in the brews themselves. Join Coco as we dissect the world of the tea leaf and discuss the merits of different types of tea as well as the best times to consume them.

For any of these groups, please contact us for more information!

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