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Capital Health Centre of Traditional Chinese Medicine Past Events in Canberra

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Previous Activities in Chinese Medicine in Canberra

Capital Health Centre of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CHC) has been established in Canberra since 2000. In this time, CHC has been a part of the education field contributing to Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) as well as the Multicultural Festival, Woden Seniors Club and many other organisations. As well as our clinical focus, we try to contribute to our community with talks, seminars and demonstrations giving back to the community which supports us. Many of our seminars are open to our clients as well as practitioners and provide a platform for our community to learn and grow as well as feedback to us their needs. Our seminars are not limited to Chinese medicine but include talks by Chiropractors, Radiographers, Communication specialists, Health experts and, into the future, we hope to have other health professions such as Physiotherapists, Mental Health workers, Pharmacists, etc., speak with us to enhance our knowledge of health in the Australian context and how we as Chinese medicine practitioners can work together for the good of the community.

Please call into our clinic to ask about learning opportunities.
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26/11/16 – 27/11/16 Professors Shoudong Wang and Dr. Xiaoying Ren –United States International Academy of TCM
Session on acupuncture points and moxibustion. An American Chinese Medicine collaboration.
23/11/16 – Ongoing Dr Haidong Wang President Chinese Medicine International Development Committee of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies
Dr Haidong Wang
Established an ongoing program in herbal medicine which encourages not only treatment but also preventative herbal therapy and herbal dispensing & safe practice.
7/12/16 – Dr Garritt Lam Chiropractor
Dr Lam operates from the Canberra Spine Centre and explored the relationship between Chiropractic and Chinese medicine. Discussion was held on how traditional Chinese medicine techniques can be used in conjunction with Chiropractic to improve a patient’s condition. 

Dr Haisong Wang at the first summer summit of the Wrold Congress of Chinese Medicine. 
12/6/15 – 14/6/15 Dr Haisong Wang Principle physician, Council Member World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies
Dr Haisong Wang attended the first summer summit of the World Congress of Chinese Medicine and International Conference of Chinese Medicine Development. The main theme was “One belt and one road”. Topics on which Dr Haisong Wang spoke included Chinese Herbal Pieces Quality Speciality Committee exploring the Australian safety context and Authentic ingredients multidimensional evaluation organising group again from the Australian perspective. Dr Haisong Wang also spoke of the registration process in Australia and the function of the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia in bringing consistency to the field of Chinese medicine in Australia.
11/7/15 Dr Wilson Lo Sports Medicine
Dr Lo spoke on the use of blood and platelet rich plasma in the treatment of sporting injuries as well as explored the integration of Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine with the view to collaboration into the future.
ANU Mental Health Week
               An annual event to promote healthy living amongst university students and staff.  
27/7/15 Dr. Qian Qiao Zhang Osteopath
Soft tissue injury, spinal health and common sports injury with focus on rehabilitation and treatment was the topic of this seminar.
16/8/15 Professor Qicheng Zhang Chair Chinese Medicine Culture Committee, of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, President of the Ancient Civilization Study Institute of the Chinese Medicine University of Beijing.
Mr. Zhang spoke of integrating knowledge of Confucianism, Buddhism and Daoism to natural medicine, and communicated this as they are understood in the ancient classics. He is an advocate of natural medicine culture sharing a meditation with participants. The talk also included a session with Dr Haisong Wang who spoke on some simple ways Chinese Medicine could impact on our lives.

13/3/14 – 7/5/14 Dr Shiguo Hou Master of Tai Chi (Chen style) Special interest in Bandage Therapy
Dr Hou shared information on bandage therapy and its application for chronic musculosketal problems. He also established an exercise program based on the Traditional Style of Tai Chi exercises within the community and which is still running today. 
31/3/14 – 3/4/14 Professor Qing Li Secretary General of the World Acupuncture Society
Provided a series of talks on advanced acupuncture techniques. 

Professor Zhenguo Tian
5/2/13 – 10/3/13 Professor Zhenguo Tian President of National Medicine Anus Bowel Scientific Committee, Member of National TCM Standardization Expert Committee
Professor Tian introduced slow cook herbal remedy with special applications to gastrointestinal issues. A regular visitor to Canberra with strong links to SCMA-ACT (Society of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture-ACT), Professor Tian is able to provide ongoing seminars in his particular field of interest and update policy developments in Standardization of Chinese Medicine of China. 
Rachel Li Professor ANU and Diana Perriman Clinical Research Coordinator 
Professor Li and Dianna Perriman presented a seminar on the relationship between age related hyperkyphosis and the frequency of movement in the thoracic spine focussing on Osteoporosis.
9/11/13 Woden Valley Festival
Capital Health Centre participated in and supported the Woden Valley Festival by providing a display of health options from Chinese medicine. Capital Health Centre promotes community events as an important means of sharing health information to our community. 


27/8/12 – 30/8/12 Professor Qing Li Secretary General of the World Acupuncture Society

Professor Li established the Complimentary Acupuncture Point Course which involved advanced acupuncture and moxibustion technique. Provided an in-depth explanation of his technique to practitioners in Canberra.
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4/11/12 – 10/11/12 Woden Valley Festival

Capital Health Centre participated in this exciting local event promoting Chinese medicine in the local community. Woden Valley Festival is the oldest regional community service in the ACT and has been working with the community for over 40 years. Many events were held over the week which supported everyone from youth to our senior citizens.


Foundation Board of Chinese Medicine Board Australia

The Australian Health Registration Agency (AHPRA) which oversees registrations of medical Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Physiotherapists, etc., set up a branch for the registration of Chinese Medicine Practitioners. Dr Haisong Wang was chosen to represent the ACT on this board and helped to develop policy in relation to ensuring the safe and responsible provision of Chinese medicine in Australia.
foundation board of chinese medicine board australia


28/8/10 International Summit Forum on the Development of TCM 

International Summit Forum on the Development of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) was organised by Health Way Developments Pty Ltd. Topics covered included the practical implementation, modernising, standardising, and international context of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Use of resources and sustainable development was also an important topic. Theory of acupuncture and clinical research was discussed along with innovation and development, education and recognition of traditional Chinese medicine.

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