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Consultations are a pre-requisite for acupuncture or herbal therapy. Prices vary according to time and/or other consultation factors. 
Initial Consultation
$80 - $150/session (20-30 minutes)
Subsequent Consultation
$50 - $120/session 
Complicated Case Study
$150 - $230/session (45+ minutes)
Complicated Case Study
$80 - $130/session 
More on Consultations


1hr Services 
$95/session (60 minutes) 
Ten sessions $800 ($80/session)
Standard Service
$55/session (20-30 minutes)
Ten sessions $450 ($45/session)
Comprehensive Service
$140/session (90 minutes)
Ten sessions $1200 ($120/session)
Acupuncture Integrated with Herbal Remedy
$70/session (40-50 minutes)
Auricular Therapy (Ear acupuncture therapy)
$50/session (30 minutes)
Acupressure Service (non-invasive alternative)
$45/session (30 minutes)
About Acupuncture

(Chinese Massage)

Standard Massage (30min)
Ten sessions $450 ($45/session)
Standard Massage (45 min)
$70/ session (45 minutes)
Standard Massage (60 min)
$85/ session (60 minutes)
Oil Massage (with herbal ointments or essential oils)
$95/session (60 minutes)
About Tuina Services

(Herbal Heat Therapy)

Moxibustion Standard Service
$60/session (20-30 minutes)
About Moxibustion

Physical Therapy (Cupping/Heating/Scrubbing)

Cupping or Heating Standard Service
$25/session (10-15 minutes)
($15 when combined with massage or acupuncture)
Scrubbing Standard Service
$55/session (20–30 minutes)
About Scrubbing About Cupping

Herbal Therapy

Chinese Herbal Medicine
(One-week dosage, cost will depend on the prescription)
About Herbal Therapy

Chinese Reflexology

Reflexology related specifically to areas including Head, Facial, Spinal, Hand and/or Foot.
30-minute session
45-minute session
60-minute session
Follow Up Complicated Case Study
$80 - $130/session 
Facial/Head Therapy
$130 (1/2hr consult, 1/2hr acupuncture)
$175 (1/2hr consult, 1hr acupressure)

Bandage/Splint Therapy

Standard Splint Service
Five sessions $350 ($70/session)

Cancellations and Discounts

Please note that clients may incur a fee for any appointments cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled time.
Discounts are available to package treatment, senior citizens, pensioners or those with a disability. 

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We have a close relationship with famous TCM institutions in China and Australia. Call your nearest clinic for more information on pricing options.
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